Apple iSlate Picture… oh well, iPad

Apple Mac iSlate

This seems to be the iSlate, Apple’s tablet computer due to be announced in a Keynote in January 2010. Apple may have pushed the Taiwanese touchscreen producer to leak the picture, as rumor and suspense is standard operating Apple marketing strategy. The iSlate rumor already drove up the Apple shares.

The iSlate is a touchscreen Macbook with Wifi and a data phone connection. So wait for end of January: like with the iPhone presentation, reality might be more impressive than the rumors.



What a tablet might do

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4 Responses to “Apple iSlate Picture… oh well, iPad”

  1. Jay Coley Says:

    Hello, Martinus . . .
    This is the most credible post about the new tablet I’ve seen.
    I’m glad I’m on your list! Regards, Jay

  2. RP Says:

    This picture has been out for a LONG LONG TIME… its just a mock-up…. its in no way REAL… AND YOU KNOW THIS.

  3. Martinus Says:

    Hi RP: I ran into it only recently, see the source links… But, it is sort of against logic that Apple would only make it an e-reader, don’t you agree? From what else would the wow-experience come at its introduction?

  4. Trackback Says:


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