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Hudson Airbus

November 13, 2009

An American marketing director living in Paris is looking for a new opportunity. Last Sunday, we met at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam to discuss my new venture. I mentioned a brochure of a mobile video service, which I often use as an example of “narrow” positioning. It pitches how fast a reporter could be on air to cover the Hudson plane crash.


Just marketing, the company’s product was not even close when it happened. “You would be even faster if somebody on board was equipped with it” I routinely continued. And then it turned out: my future colleague was on board of that aircraft, he landed in the Hudson!

Somewhere on the left wing, there he is:


Amazing story…

Below are two impressive 3D reconstruction videos, derived from all available accident information giving us a never-before-seen view of the accident. These videos are best viewed full screen and with HD enabled!

The next one is from a different angle and with more radio communication:

Find additional info and more animations at There is also a book on the event: Miracle on the Hudson.